411 carefully crafted premium pictograms by Daniel Bruce — CC BY-SA 4.0.

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What is Entypo+?

Entypo+ is the third version of a free suite of premium quality pictograms. It’s released under the license CC BY-SA 4.0. Each pictogram has been drawn for pixel perfection at a size of 20 x 20 pixels and with a very consistent style. The difference between this version of Entypo and previous ones is that the suite now only consist of SVG images. There is no fonts or PSD. 

Where is the font?

Entypo+ doesn’t come as a font anymore but you can create your own using the SVG images. It’s really easy. Go to FontelloFontastic.me or the IcoMoon app to do so.

Where can I find the old character map?

I don't do support for Entypo 2 anymore, just like Microsoft doesn't do support for Windows XP. But you can always find old versions of the site on the Wayback Machine.

Why is there no font?

Building a font takes a lot of time, time spent better on designing new pictograms. Just deciding on which unicode position to use for each glyph is a huge task and also a source of great debate. Further more, most projects make use of maybe ten, twenty pictograms and a font containing all pictograms is then unnecessary large. In kilobytes that is.

Why aren’t the pictograms grouped and/or organized in some smart way?

With Entypo+ I have tried to make everything as simple as possible so I can spend the small amount of time I got on drawing new pictograms. So everything apart from drawing, naming and exporting a SVG image had to go. That is why all pictograms now are in a simple alphabetical order.

Will there be a new version of Entypo soon?

This will most likely be the final version of Entypo but new pictograms will be added to it over time. Follow me on Twitter and/or Dribbble to keep up.

How do I give attribution?

A mention like “Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce — www.entypo.com” is considered acceptable attribution. You can place this in the footer of your website, on an about page or in the code if you don’t wanna give it to much attention.

How do I use Entypo+?

You can use Entypo in anyway you want. Use it with InDesign for your fancy print magazine or in OmniGraph, wire framing the next app sensation. Note that I’m not a developer so don’t ask me about how to use web fonts or SVG images. Ask Google instead.

Is Entypo free even for commercial use?

Yes, absolutely.

How can I make a web font using the SVG images?

Pick the SVG images you want to use and then go to FontelloFontastic.me or the IcoMoon app and follow their instructions on how to do this. Trust me, it really easy to do.

I’m missing a certain pictogram, could you add it?

Most of the time yes. Drop me an email or tweet and I’ll see what I can do about it.

Can I donate to the development of Entypo?

Yes, please. Use Paypal and donate to info@entypo.com.

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All pictograms has been tested and approved by Leah (6 y/o) and Zoe (4 y/o). Crafted in Stockholm, Sweden 2015 — CC BY-SA 4.0. Thank you Space2u for support. Contact Entypo at info@entypo.com.